How to bypass iCloud activation lock screen in 2019

As you already know Apple has some security features that will help you to secure your Apple device, iPhone, iPad, iPod or even a Mac. Enabling tracking on your iCloud account is a nice feature but few of the users will forgot the password on that account or even the email that has been used to setup the iCloud account. And now comes the hard part. If you reset your Apple device to factory settings and you forgot the user and the password to log in in your iCloud account, there is a high change to face a lock screen.

how to bypass icloud activation lock screen on ios 12 ios 13 iphone x 10

An iCloud lock screen is the screen that Apple ask you to log in, in order to boot in the device menu. If you don’t know your credentials there is a big problem. Your iPhone or any Apple device can became useless. But there is a trick that you can find on and it will help you to solve the issue. has created an iCloud removal tool that is able to delete the iCloud account stored on the device without doing too much things. The only way to do that is to download the tool and follow the tutorial. It will take about 5 minutes for the entire process to finish.

This is the most easy way to get rid of the iCloud account and use the device again. After that you can setup a fresh iCloud account if you wish, or you can still try to recover your old account if you had important data on it. There is also a few websites that offer iCloud removal services but the costs are too high and doesn’t worth it the unlock.